Lolga takes you to the Tera world for success

Tera is a subscription-based * fantasy MMO (large multiplayer online) game for playing on a PC, combining traditional MMO RPG elements with Action, just as there is no game. In Tera’s ongoing game world, players can work alone or organize groups and join the guild, but in any case, players must use the game’s dynamic combat system to completely control their role in order to succeed. Other features include: customizable user interface, access to eight role categories of seven games, participation in PvP combat, and a three game area to explore.

TERA as standard MMORPG. Players can carry out the task, collect materials, process equipment, into the entity of the underground city, and engage players Vs. players fighting Terra use of mobile combat system; allows players to aim and control their own combat skills, the use of defensive skills, such as dodge or shield, And positioned to win. Players can choose one of many courses to achieve a unique role within the group. Each character must be successful in TERA’s underground city, including DPS (per second), therapist and the tank.

There are currently seven games and 12 games in the game. Some courses are gender and / or race lock, including Gunner, Reaper, Brawler and Ninja. Other courses include shooter, Berserker, Lancer, mysticism, pastor, wizard, killer and warrior. Each class is designed for solo and a group, but there are four protagonists: defense, melee damage, remote injury and treatment. When you team up, your character will be more effective because your teammates’ strengths enhance your strength.

Into the world of Tera as one of the seven players, everyone has their own history, legends and views. These are the race of the Valken federation, leading a new era of reunification, as they face the struggle for survival. Players can choose to join the line in the game, the fierce fighting, buy a variety of game props and so on. At the same time, we also prepared for the players a lot of high-level props, if you want to get these props to the dungeon to destroy BOSS monster it Need small partners can focus on for many of your devices need to buy Tera Gold. Eight player categories contribute their own fighting style, their tactical methods and strategies, as well as their unique solo and combination ability. Learn about their fighting style here, their tools and their talents.

Terra is a world of conflict. This is a place where God’s plan, the army clashes, the world can change in the blink of an eye. Two giants Allen and salad have been gone for thousands of years, lay down the dream world and its inhabitants.

Your enemies are varied. Some are powerful, some are smart – are dangerous. Consider the previous brief about the beast and the bad guys. Understand them, where they come from, and how they fight.

Taylor world from the beginning of the millennium, two unimaginable power, Allen and the salad of the giant encountered an invisible blank. Because we can only guess that they fell asleep. When they sleep, Tera is formed around them.

Sitting in a stunning world, caused by the original gods of two dreams, your exploration will take you through the rugged mountains, through the desert, through the dangerous jungle. Take your position as a soldier of the Valkyon League, fight with other races, and heal the mistakes of the past and create a new future. There is no time in the factions of one trillion – all seven games, eight classes must cooperate from the witch of God to their own destiny. Master yourself, gather your allies, master your destiny. When you find yourself in Tera’s unique terminal for the political control of the world, combat effectiveness, guild rankings and social power will get along. Interested little partner can check the computer configuration download client login game enjoy playing.

NHL 17 will make you remember the most memorable moments

I bought or played EA NHL every year since the original NHL hockey tournament of Genesis. The NHL 15 on the PS4 / XB1 was commented on the media and the gamers agreed (reasonable). NHL 16 added more of the small touch with the team Arena with specific effects, mascot, etc., but more important is to add back to most of the features and game modes that should be in the 15. NHL 17 offer mode with some new bells And the whistle, so that the NHL 17 from the past stand out new game mode, new and more in-depth experience in the fans favorite mode, as well as the best ice game, making the NHL 17 so far the most exciting EA SPORTS NHL Games and the most exciting hockey games. In all the new championships and the World Cup hockey game mode, there are each area with authentic goalkeeper, new cyber warfare in offense and defense and bone fragmentation collision physics out of your hockey fantasy.

Do you compete for online honors in offline single mode, or simply lace and skip the board out of your ultimate hockey fantasy competition exciting and innovative hockey game – NHL 17 gives you the opportunity to form your legacy on and under ice. Has more end-to-end control for each area with real goals, new net war offensive and defensive regional games, and thrilling new goals to celebrate, capture the biggest goal of excitement in the game night. In all new models, including the championship, the World Cup hockey, or in the franchise mode management business, your ultimate hockey fantasy. The ultimate challenge of competing NHL 17 on ice. Incredible control lets you manage every aspect of your team when you take over the giants in order to be the best franchise. Powerful game mode, epic ice fighting and outstanding realism let you customize your game at NHL 17.

Yes, it still has several drawbacks that are frustrating, but overall far better than bad IMO. I can list all the defects I have noticed or disturbed, but on the contrary, I only need to touch the need to fix 5.

1) plate fixed – it’s just going to go. It hardly happens in real life, because 90% of the time in the real thing, it is a holding of punishment. The only way to happen in the game is super frustration. My ice hockey can roll forward on the board, there is a lot of speed and power, but the defender can command me in some way even if my body is through his 3/4 way – so almost like an automatic magnet My advance to the board! Total BS and unrealistic all!

(2) goalkeeper pass – still absolutely terrible! Please solve this problem!

(3) the new “net front fight” is just a way to get the CPU to escape even more interference! Get rid of this!

(4) Polygon Clip / Hit Detection – Ice hockey should not pass through any solid objects, such as sticks, skates, goal mats and so on. Nothing is more frustrating than the right place in the right place, there is a cross crease pass one-off through your defender’s stick or skating for the opposition’s goal!

(5) automatic line – so unbalanced. Unless i specifically press O or B to choose my fourth line, they almost never see the ice! AI leaves your first row until they are breathing, just as they have just climbed over the Sahara Desert! The second line is almost as bad as that once in a blue moon and you will see your third line. It’s stupid. Almost every NHL team circulates 4 lines in real things.

Fortunately, the action on the ice still shines: handling ice hockey, skating, and taking that kind of shooting, just as great as last year. You feel that you have only proper control of the hockey, and you will never want to know why you have lost the possession because it is accurate and fair to remove the hockey away from the opponent. Scored goalkeeper and very similar to last year, intuitive control, making it easy to fall into the butterfly stand, embrace the position from one side of the crease to another attempt to stop those tricky disposable.

The game can once again be accompanied by an enhanced ice trainer – showing players and ice information such as advice and shooting lanes to help you learn all the NHL 17 tips. It continues to be a great tool for learning how to perform certain tasks, such as confrontation and specific dekes, while also telling you why you succeeded or failed. If you go to the ice hockey too early or too late, it will let you know. If you lose a rival that feels this is a sure thing, the trainer will remind you why it happens if your player’s skill is below his opponent or just a toss. This information is indispensable. The training system in the game is also adaptive and will skip some tips when you learn new skills – if you do not want to see the coach, you can turn it off completely. However, as the last time through the trainer more than a year ago, it quickly got me back to speed and learn new skills at NHL 17.

NHL 17 also reintroduced the World Cup hockey, which matches the same name. The working principle of the World Cup is like any other model, you as a team, in some games with other people to compete. This difference between the regular season and the playoff mode is a demonstration of its majestic music and broadcasts valuable camera angles, just damaging the comments in the game repeating itself a bit too often. Unfortunately, this is the start and end of the demo – if you win the World Cup, you will not see your team get the title trophy. It is confusing and disappointing because each other model reward players with a short video your team hangs the appropriate trophy.

The hockey final team returns, and it is still a participant experience. You open the card pack, depending on the type of package you are buying to include players of different skill levels – these can be bought in money or real money in the game. But I have been at can use the same money to buy more NHL 17 Coins, and then you can take these cards, make a list, and then take them to participate in the fight against real or AI opponents of the game. This is a useful experience when you get the card, add your list well, but it’s anger to spend the actual money in a package that does not get a usable player. It makes you feel you should not spend money at all – you can totally rely on the currency in the game you can play by playing the game.

The draft is a new addition to the NHL series, which is mainly used to get the hockey Ultimate Team currency aims.¬†Four consecutive games against online opponents or AI with a team from a specific theme, which may focus on the team from Canada, who won the Stanley Cup, or the relatively new NHL players. You start with a list of 20 low-skill players, you get 12 rounds, replace them with the best skaters. It is interesting to try to draft your team’s strategy. Do you want to make sure that all your bases are covered, or are you willing to preload your offense? Most importantly, it is satisfying to actually win with your team together, but online is the only way to use this pattern. Offline solo games are available, but for AI-controlled teams,

NHL 17 is a great hockey game, but unlike last year, there is not a prominent pattern or feature that makes this game better than its predecessors better. It got rid of a lot of NHL 16 done, the new addition did not add any key experience. The Franchise trading player is still very interesting, creating a strong roster in the Hockey Ultimate Team, and actually playing the game, but if you want the NHL 17 to be an important step in this series, you are lucky. The real goalkeeper looks and plays part of the gesture with the real life and clever reactionary saves the intelligence, allowing the goalkeeper to read and react with the movement to save or block the ice with the body block. Improved Strike, Passing, Hockey Crawling and Skating allows you to have each area and dozens of new goals to celebrate the crowd brought to their feet and make your biggest moments unforgettable. Interested little partner hurry to click to download it.