Animal Crossing Beginners: What You Can Do Every Day in the Game 

As a beginner, you may be at a loss when you first enter the popular Animal Crossing New Horizons. You have no idea what to do and how to get more bells and items. To help you go smoothly in the game, here is a guide about the everyday to-do list for you.
Everyday To-do List for Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginners 
1. Go to Nook Stop Once a Time Everyday
You will be awarded with Nook Miles when you get access to Nook Stop at Resident Services daily. The maximum rewards is 300 miles after you’ve logged in 7 days in a row.
2. Finish Nook Mileage+ Activities
It is a must to complete Nook Mileage+ tasks every day because completing these tasks will yield double the reward of Nook Miles.
3. Get Message Bottles on the Beach and Take to Residents for More DIY Recipes
It is a good way to get DIY recipes when you find message bottles on the beach and talk to residents.
4. Dig Up Fossiles, Hit Rocks and Plant Money Tree
All these are regarded as a perfect way to get bells and items. So you can complete these tasks when you wander around your island.
5. Pick Fruits
When fruits are mature, you must pick them up because you can be sold for currency. In this case, you can buy items you need to decorate your island.
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