Animal Crossing: How to get Nook Miles Ticket and what  you can do in islands

Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch features a new currency called Nook Miles, which you earn from completing achievements.
With 2,000 Nook Miles, you’ll buy a Nook Miles Ticket from the Nook Stop at Resident Services. Take the ticket to the airport, and you’ll fly off to a deserted island to reap resources like wood, stone, or Iron Nuggets. you’ll also recruit villagers from these islands to return and survive yours.
The islands that you simply find may look similar in layout, but the fruit and therefore the villager you’ll find on your island are always random.
What do you have to search for on the Nook Miles islands? we’ve put together an inventory of what you ought to look out for when happening Mystery Island Tours. Note that if you’re not getting any of the profitable islands, just like the Money Rock or tarantula island, it’s because they need a coffee chance of appearing.
This island is going to be crammed with fruit that isn’t native to your island. this is often your “sister fruit” and it’ll be the sole other fruit you’ll be ready to find through Mystery Island Tours, apart from Coconuts.
Eating any fruit also will allow you to obtain entire trees to bring back with you. this is often an honest thanks to re-plant foreign fruit trees on your island without having to attend for them to grow.
MONEY Rock Island
There’s an opportunity you’ll run into an island with an outsized river surrounding a little piece of land covered in rocks. All of the rocks on this piece of land are going to be Money Rocks. meaning you’ll structure to 16,000 Bells from hitting each with a shovel. to urge to the rock-covered land, you’ll need to eat fruit, break rock on the surface of the river, and use the newly opened spot to pole vaulting onto the middle island.
This island has layered cliffs within the center, resembling a fish fin. Here you’ll catch sharks and sunfish from the water. This island can usher in plenty of cash if you farm the sharks. As of immediately, we’re unsure if this island only pops up during the months these fish spawn, or if these islands can crop up at any time.
This island features a huge lake surrounding a small island within the center (similar to the cash Rock island). The rock within the center will give eight Gold Nuggets upon hitting it.
Of course, this is only part of the content, more content needs to be experienced by yourself.
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