Animal Crossing New Horizons Version 1.5.1 Update Details

As the first update since the large Fall update launched last week which introduced farming, harvesting and therefore the Halloween Holiday also added some glitches to the sport. Now, this version 1.5.1 update appears to be nothing quite a problem with the in-game passports, alongside this a 3 other fixes resolving various other minor glitches. Here are the complete patch update details for brand spanking new Horizons 1.5.1.
Bamboo Pumpkins
Fixed a problem where animal residents would mention pumpkins when given a vegetable.
Now giving items fruit and even candy immediately to villages is perhaps something you are doing regularly to create up your friendship level. It appears a dialogue bug was introduced alongside the farming update that got the villagers confused about the differences between pumpkins and bamboo shoes. Since the autumn update, if you gave a villager a vegetable as a touching treat they might mention what proportion they love the pumpkins you gave them amongst other things, this has now been fixed in version 1.5.1 and now do you have to plan to divulge any of these rare bamboo shoes to villagers, they’re going to actually acknowledge it.
Passport Titles
Fixed a problem where some title keywords obtained via Nook Miles wouldn’t appear within the passport.
Thanks to the wonderful new Nook Miles mechanic in ACNH, we’re ready to work towards a spread of various goals and unlock accolades. Along the way, the titles that we earned from reaching these goals are often wont to customize our passports by combining two words or phrases. But titles you’ve already earned would sometimes be unable to display in your Passport and other people always confused that, this has now been fixed in remake 1.5.1 in the ACNH update, everything is back to normal now.
River Jumping
Fixed a problem where it had been not possible to leap over a river supported the situation of certain furniture.
One of the many glitches to be fixed was a river jumping bug. If a river is a smaller amount than two tiles wide we will freely skip it without the help of the vaulting pole. It seems that since the autumn update, if certain furniture items were placed nearby it might stop the player from hopping over the river and almost blocking access to some heavily terraformed areas of people’s islands especially those that use tons of stepping stones and tiny rivers. Thankfully the newest ACNH patch fixes this issue and there are not any issues jumping rivers.
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