Animal Crossing’s Most Valuable Villagers for helping you make Animal Crossing Bells

Fans of Animal Crossing:  New Horizons have found several ways to make a profit to pay off their debts, including selling Nookazon villagers.

At Animal Crossing, there are many ways to make money. Collecting goods to sell on the online community marketplace, Nookazon is one of the best approaches. Animal Crossing Players can sell anything from furniture to fossils there, and prices are based on players’ own supply and demand, rather than what Tommy and Timmy can pay for. The village characters of New Horizons are one of the most fascinating items players can sell on Nookazon. Making Animal Crossing Bells by pawning off these imaginary friends and may sound unfair, but they can make a tidy profit if fans have the right villager in a pinch.

Players must first wait until the villager is ready to leave their island in order to sell a villager on Nookazon. This can be achieved by waiting for real-world days or adjusting the calendar of the Nintendo Switch to “time travel” before the villager wishes to depart. The player can list them on Nookazon, where another Animal Crossing player can buy the right to travel to the island and welcome the villager back to their house until the villager has expressed the desire to move. According to Nookazon, these villagers can vary in price from thousands of bells to millions

Most Valuable Animal Crossing Villagers – Cats

Cats are the most popular species in Animal Crossing, with 23 cat villagers in New Horizons open. There is a fair possibility that players will come across them when exploring the Mystery Islands because there are so many. On Nookazon, all cat villagers sell for a decent price, ranging in value from 8.13 million bells for the most famous villager, Raymond, of Animal Crossing, to 650,000 bells for Kitty.

Most Valuable Animal Crossing Villagers – Frogs

Another sort of village player should consider using frogs to make a profit. In Animal Crossing, there are 18 frog villagers: New Horizons, and in nature, they are all very different. Because of this, for every player’s personal preference, there is usually a frog type. However, with the low-end value dipping below 500,000 Animal Crossing Bells, Frogs may be a little more of a gamble. But on the Nookazon market, over half of New Horizon’s frogs will net more than 900,000 bells. Lily, at 1,040,000 bells, is actually the most valued frog villager, and the lowest is Tad, at 433,333 bells.

Most Valuable Animal Crossing Villagers – Rabbits

In New Horizons, rabbits are another of the more abundant animals. There are 20 rabbit villagers who can be identified and welcomed home by players. The worth of each villager is a bit of a gamble, just like frogs, but the increased number of rabbits makes running into one more probable. Currently, at 1.61 million Bells, Coco the scary rabbit is the most valued, while Doc is the lowest, at 450,000 Bells. Just two rabbit villagers, however, fell under the 600,000 Bell mark.

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