Escape from Tarkov Update 0.12.7 Patch Brings some Important New Features

The hardcore shooter Escape Tarkov goes to urge a replacement, extensive update – patch 0.12.7. Among other things, this introduces another boss opponent, new quests and enlarges the customs area map.

What’s within the new EFT 0.12.7 update? The developers have announced patch 0.12.7 for Escape Tarkov and can introduce some new features with this update. However, this is often not just additional content. There also are gameplay changes that affect gameplay.

Important Innovations From Escape Tarkov 0.12.7 Update

There is a replacement reporting function which you’ll use to report suspicious player behavior. this could now make cheaters in Escape Tarkov even more uncomfortable.

In addition to adjustments to the talents and therefore the refore the introduction of the 2 EFT Items FN GL40 grenade throwing and the Mossberg 590A1 shotgun, there are some special changes. We present you the five most vital ones:

1 – Enlarged Customs Map

The Map Customs (customs area) is expanded by 30 to 40%. this is often to get rid of a bottle neck. this is often the bottleneck at the rail overpass along the road. So far, this has led to some problems. With the larger map and more alternatives, the gameplay should run more smoothly.

2 – Enhanced Enemy AI

The AI opponents Scavs get a revision of the synthetic intelligence and may now group and storm towards the player. As a result, they’re not easy targets for snipers.

They also loot the bodies of fallen comrades and even players. So it’s possible that after the death of your character, good equipment in battles won’t only be faraway from fellow players, but also from scavs.

3 – New Boss

With Sanitar a replacement boss comes into play. it’s a former doctor who can heal himself and his companions on the battlefield.

He features a sort of medications and stimulants and may even perform operations on the battlefield, like putting pressure bandages on and removing bullets from wounds.

4 – More Quests

The new boss is introduced to the story with variety of other quests. These lead you to the Map Shoreline, where you’ll also meet Sanitar.

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