Horizon 3 is the richest free car in history

In the first two for the “horizon” experience addition, Playground Games this player on the Australian continent can do the kind of things also doubled. Free customization of the traditional car and challenge the task is only the tip of the iceberg, the opening of the game and the helicopter chase that can be expected to follow the back of the large-scale performances of the race to what extent; scattered on the map hidden and reward elements full return, hidden car Treasures, speed points, speed sections, discount billboards of these old friends, but also added a jumping platform and drift sections of such new toys.

Playground Games to the Australian field of the sky to completely restore the beautiful and changing climate in Australia, Turn 10 in the “extreme racing 6” for the first time in the new water simulation brings a real rain war experience, all this is based on the perfect 30fps lock and 4X MSAA bring a clear picture on the basis of open world racing game, Playground and Turn 10 reached is no doubt a technical miracle, even if not to complete any event activities, light in Australia’s vast desert, Rainforest and coastal city walk through, is already a pleasure. From the desert to the jungle, Australia’s landscape diversity is exhaustive.

In addition to technical achievements, the various aspects of the game settings are also quite rich in detail, HUD, sound and control are very detailed settings. This is the “Horizon” series for the first time to obtain the support of the simplified Chinese language, Microsoft’s first party game has always been a good high level of translation on the basis of the simplified Chinese version of the game based on the habits of the players in the region of the language and words on the adjustment , Fonts and other details of the elements are also considered very carefully.

“Horizon 3” is a fan of the game, to participate in the game, to complete the challenge, in the speed or drift sections get high scores. can get the number of fans, to a certain number of fans will unlock the carnival center expansion or new location Of the building, to further promote the main line and unlock more of the tournament and map elements, and the subtlety of the game is that you have enough way to get the number of fans, arrived at the next milestone process will not appear rhythm drag or long feel. At the same time you can also buy cheap Forza Horizon 3 Credits at https://www.onlinegameshop.com, making it easier for fans to get their own luxury lineup.

“Horizon 3” more freedom and more huge features even extended to the music radio, because the plot needs to choose to sign the radio even if the radio in addition to the song, but also joined the game play directly related to the “technical song “Set: the radio will randomly select a track as a” technical song “, during this music player, the player’s technical score will be doubled, but also through the cumulative number of technical points to unlock the skills to strengthen the frequency of technical songs.

In the “Extreme Racing Horizon 3”, the Horizon Music Festival to Australia has become larger, richer and freer on this sparsely populated land. This is still the familiar “extreme racing horizon”, but this time you can do more things. The map is twice as long as the previous map, the first map of the area has been close to the first generation of the “horizon” of the entire game, no longer subject to the host of the next generation of the Playground Games this time finally can flex its muscles.

The most amazing function of this game is a UAV! In addition to the camera mode, the game added a “UAV mode”, the player can operate a small UAV free tour of the entire map, around shooting their own car, looking for hidden elements, or tail line other Drivatar / players Racing, although this little thing has no game on the meaning, but it is really fun!

The slag skyline series is precisely an open category of the world’s real vehicle authorized non-police racing racing game that is very different from the analog / semi-simulated racing car of the AC PCARS GT FORZA, and also with the police such as NFS, The Crew Bandit open racing style is very different, it can be said that the horizon 3 cut into a market that has no rival market.

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