How to Do the Kucherov in NHL 21

NHL 21 may be a game made by and for hockey fans. There are plenty of references to awesome moments in hockey games, so you get to try them! Nikita Kucherov used a fake shot to sneak a puck by the goalie in 2018, putting his name on the NHL list of maneuvers. This move is crazy hard to tug off, in and out of the sport. If you would like to find out the way to do the Kucherov in NHL 21, we’ve got your back!
In order to try to to a Kucherov, you’ve needed to exert. Here’s a step-by-step process to perform this crazy move;
Hold LB/L1, then shift the left stick either left or right. If you’re faking a left-handed shot, shift it to the proper. Otherwise, shift it to the left.
Move the proper stick within the other way that you simply shot in. So, left for left-handed, right for right-handed.
If you probably did it right, it should appear as if your player missed the puck during a lead-up towards the goal. Of course, you were on top of things of the shot the entire time. it’ll fire off within the direction that your right stick “wanted” it to travel, instead of what your left stick asked it to try to to.
This move is pretty poor against AI opponents, who are better at following the puck than they’re making logical decisions. And, in actual games, players might notice the move and defend against it correctly.
Even so, you’ve got an honest feint on your hands. If you’ve got a reasonably clear shot at the goalie, and your opponent seems to be nervous, this will really mess them up. However, with how hard it’s to tug off within the heat of the instant, you would possibly find that the sneakiness of the move isn’t well worth the headache.
If you’re an NHL fan, I will be able to 100% recommend you to play this game. Because it’s just good!
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