How to Get Clay in Animal Crossing

On the Mystery Island Tours at Animal Crossing, the best place to get the most clay is from rocks. On the home island of the gamer, they can only get clay materials from rocks every day, but each time the player goes, Mystery Island Tours allows for new materials, so the drop rate is higher. To get as many items as possible, just make sure to save up on Nook Miles tickets.

Instead of the two on the player’s island, there are three different types of rocks on these islands, further raising their chances. The clay will theoretically fall next to the player if gamers carry a shovel or an ax and use it against the rocks. A big tip for gamers is that when they reach the rock, they dig holes behind them so they don’t fly back too far. This way, they will be able to obtain as many rock materials as they can. In Animal Crossing, fans can then use the clay to craft DIY pieces, such as a brick oven, a cherry blossom bonsai, a brick fence, and even an ocarina.

In Balloon Gifts, the only other choice for players is to find clay, but for clay, there will be a much lower drop rate. They could still sell it if gamers are not interested in crafting clay. Clay is able to pile up to 30 pieces and sells a pop for 100 bells. This will potentially assist players to grind for clay at a much faster pace, either way.

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