Introduction to Top 10 Expensive Clothing Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons 

Animal Crossing New Horizons is an amazing game with plenty of customized elements. Customizing clothing is a great part in the game, but do you know how much it cost? Here is a list of the top 10 expensive clothing items in the game.
Top 10 Expensive Clothing Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons 
In the game, players can choose their favorite clothing, including shirts, dress and shoes. For some players, they may be eager to try some fancy dress. Here we introduce you to some clothing items that cost a lot.
Fancy Kimono – 5,200 Bells
Princess Dress – 5,500 Bells
Samurai Helmet – 5,880 Bells
Renaissance Dress – 6,000 Bells
Fashionable Royal Dress – 6,000 Bells
Samurai Shirt – 6,720 Bells
Royal Shirt –  6,720 Bells
Junihitoe Kimono – 7,000 Bells
Crown – 1,000,000 Bells
Royal Crown – 1,200,000 Bells
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