Is Escape From Tarkov Still Worth It?

Escape from Tarkov is an indie, massively multiplayer online, first-person shooter video game developed by Russian studio Battlestate Games. It was initially released on July 27, 2017 on the platform of Microsoft Windows. As a truly realistic game, more than 90% of gamers like to play the game very much. However, due to its biggest issue on the server, some of players think it not worthwhile to spend time to play.

Things are not always perfect. Despite its worst days, Escape from Tarkov has its fun and awesome moments. “Tarkov is worth getting at any point of the game, just that your money might not be worth it in this -current state-, and by that I mean this immediate state with the new wipe and labs and hackers and so on. Beyond that though, it’s still fun, and the devs have done everything they said they would from talking tarkov podcasts if you track it through time, the goals were set and relatively achieved. A game like this is no easy feat to develop and I think they do their best, in their own way. It could be better, but the game is fundamentally like no other. I would suggest Tarkov to anyone pretty much at any point, simply because even on the worst days, Tarkov gaming experience has surpassed any other hardcore survivalist shooter, and that’s coming from a person who doesn’t enjoy jumpscares, real-life guns, hardcore mil-sim gaming etc either.” A player said on a forum.

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