LOLGA brings a complete Escape from Tarkov guide for beginners

When you play Escape from Tarkov, do your friends tease you by calling you a noob? You may do a few things to improve your game and prevent people from stealing all of your money and belongings. A few tips are discussed below that have been shown to produce excellent results over time and with practice.

You will not only be able to steadily develop your gaming skills, but you will also be able to improve your EFT skills.

Run your Scav raids first

Following your faction selection, you must run your raids as a member of that faction. You can choose to be a friendly Scav who can flee with all of your belongings. Scavs are AI in this game that are designed to terrorize you when you play as PMCs. You will, however, have the opportunity to run with the Russians in this mode.

Ensure your equipment

You must ensure your gear if you intend to use it in a raid. When it comes to securing your belongings, make sure that no one can access them after you pass away. Your gear will be returned to you by the Therapist or Prapor the next day, if not sooner.

You have a choice of who insures your gear. A therapist is more expensive than a Prapor, but Therapists produce the gear quicker.

Make sure you have a map with you at all times

Players can sometimes get lost in Escape from Tarkov. It’s better to load the map on another laptop, preferably one with a large screen and simple visuals, such as a tablet or a phone.

When you’re out on raids, it’s a great choice to load the map. You can select from a variety of maps on various websites, such as complete extract locations from websites like ours,

Only bring essentials to a raid

Have you ever wondered what gear you could bring on a raid? Make sure you just have the gear you can afford to lose if you get caught in a raid. Since this game is very realistic, you’ll need to carefully consider what gear you’ll bring with you.

You don’t need to invest in stuff like a second arm when you’re getting ready for a raid. Rather, spend your EFT Roubles on more medical supplies and some good armor.

Include medical supplies in your quick bar

In Escape from Tarkov, unlike your weapons, your medications do not have a number assigned to them. Have you tried and failed to open your inventory to use meds in between combats? Players cannot possibly open their inventory and begin using meds in the middle of a fight.

This is why you should keep your medications in the quick bar. When you have time, you can do so by dragging the necessary ones onto your quick bar.

Keep an eye on your health every now and then

Depending on your financial situation, you can stock up on medical supplies to keep you healthy while on the road. Medical supplies such as pain relievers and salewas are important, particularly when stitching up deep or heavy injuries.

As a beginner, however, you can pick up medkits as soon as you come across them. During the fighting, medkits can be useful. You can keep a few medkits in your supplies at all times and take them with you everywhere you go.

Final thoughts

The advice given above will not only help you improve your Escape from Tarkov skills, but will also elevate your standing among your friends from noob to pro. When used regularly, each of these suggestions has been shown to improve players’ skills over time. To see the difference, try using at least 4-5 of them on each raid.

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