LOLGA celebrates Rocket League 7th Anniversary with you

Rocket League is 7 years old! While it took some time for the game to reach Nintendo fans, Rocket League has now been available on Switch for a number of years. This means that we get to take part in the 7-year celebration, which introduces the new limited-time event, Birthday Ball!

Two weeks of entertainment with Heatseeker and Knockout LTMs, beautiful anniversary attire accessible in the Item Shop, Birthday Ball Challenges and awards, as well as the ultimate gift exchange: Golden Eggs, are all part of the Birthday Ball festivities. The festivities begin on July 6 and continue until July 19 of 2022.

Here is the schedule for the Birthday Ball action, along with a list of the items you may expect.


From July 6–13, participate in a wild 2v2 Heatseeker match and face off against a rival. The ball has extraordinary homing capabilities thanks to this LTM, which causes it to always go toward the goal of your opponent.


July 13–19 sees the return of Knockout! Players can be ejected from the Quadron, Carbon, and Calavera Arenas by using the distinctive Attack, Block, and Grab features. Here is a brief recap in case you need it. Remember, the winning vehicle is the last one standing.


This milestone isn’t just about us, it’s also about the community and players that have supported Rocket League over the past seven years and helped it develop. I toast you! Players will receive 300 Credits overall for successfully completing all of the Birthday Ball Challenges as a thank you!

Players who complete Challenges will receive credits as well as the Precious Metal Avatar Border and the Golden Goat Player Banner. Players that complete other challenges will be rewarded with classic rewards like import Rocket League Items Drops or 20,000 XP.


Dress up for a celebration with the Titanium White Fennec and Fancy Formal Fennec Decal, which are available in the Item Shop.

Two new golden items will also be available in the style of Season 7. Use the Spyder: Anniversary Edition Wheels or the Top Hat: Anniversary Edition Topper to flash your cash. These magnificent golden items are the ideal complement to your most recent Rocket Pass rewards!


What would a birthday be without gifts? Players can collect Golden Eggs to unlock Items from the Champions Series 1-4 during the Birthday Ball. Golden Eggs are just like previous Golden rewards in that they can be opened in your inventory to reveal items after you’ve completed the Challenge up to five times.

LOLGA Celebrates Rocket League 7th Anniversary with You

LOLGA wishes Rocket League a happy 7th birthday, also thank you for your support to LOLGA over the past seven years.

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