Madden 21 Guide: These teams are very close to trading for Deshaun Watson

Since Deshaun Watson wants to leave the Houston Texans, this player would be tried by several NFL teams to negotiate. You can create a Watson trade in Madden 21 when fans are curious about the outcome. You have 31 choices, no matter what ideas you have. Here are several transactions that can be simulated, and you can get your reward from the three-time Pro Bowler.

Miami Dolphins
There is a theory that, in the off-season, Deshaun Watson will go to the Miami Dolphins. Last season, they performed very well. They do not have a high-rated player in Madden, but they try their best to maximize their potential. Among them, Tua Tagovailoa, the most recent rookie, has enough potential to attract Texans’ attention and plug him with an extra asset and draw rewards.
In comparison, Watson’s salary was just around $10 million prior to his contract kicks, which means you can easily match his salary. You can turn the Dolphins into contenders in the AFC with the correct draft picks.

Carolina Panthers
In The Panthers, Watson and Christian McCaffrey appear to be a match made in heaven. The Panthers have been struggling lately and have scored 5-11 in the last two seasons. Terry Bridgewater is not an option for the squad. The Panthers will have a high draft selection in the forthcoming draft, which is a very valuable commodity for trading players like Watson. Attach one or two talented players and a potential draft pick, and you will get the league’s most promising QB/RB combination.

Denver Broncos
Another alternative is the Denver Broncos. In real life, they chose Watson, and in Madden, which is really interesting. The Broncos have been unsatisfactory in the past few seasons, like the Panthers, and Drew Lock has not been a starting NFL quarterback yet. So, you need to invest a lot if you want a QB certified star-like Watson.

In the first round of the NFL draft, which already covers a substantial price tag to secure Watson, Broncos also has a high selection. The future draft resources would be sufficient to send out players like Drew Lock, plus two RBs of starter quality, Melvin Gordon or Phillip Lindsey

In any case, the possibilities are endless in Madden 21. To find the most fitting team for Deshaun Watson, you should try as many different teams as possible.

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