Path of Exile: Legion Brings Legion Challenge League, New Items and More

Path of Exile is a free-to-play online Action RPG released for PC and Xbox One in October 2013. It has attracted numerous numbers of players around the world. Recently, the developer Grinding Gear Games announced a new update – Path of Exile: Legion will launch on June 7th on PC, and June 10th on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The June expansion contains the Legion challenge league, new items, new gems,a complete revamp of melee combat throughout Path of Exile, and much more. Here is the details.

In Legion, players will have the opportunity to face off against five different armies and with the generals who lead them. It also offers players more agency than ever in how difficult they want their encounters to be. Here’s how it works: Players working through any given Legion league zone in the game may encounter a Monolith. Activating the monolith makes two of the armies appear in a ghostly looking form. While they are visible, players need to damage them to “untether” them from the Domain of Timeless Conflict before time runs out. Several of the ghostly soldiers will have special symbols over their heads that indicate valuable rewards that will drop. This is where player agency kicks in. The more ghostly soldiers that a player damages, the more difficult the battle will be when the timer runs out. When it does, the monsters that were tagged by the player will become active and begin to attack. The key is weighing the risk versus the reward.

Enemies from each of the five Legions drop Splinters which combine together to form an Emblem of that Legion. Place two or more Emblems from different Legions in a Map Device to gain access to the Domain of Timeless Conflict, where the eternal battle between those Legions rages. Unlock the upgraded Map Device in order to fight in the ultimate conflict between all five Legions. Moreover, Certain monsters can drop Incubation Items, which modify a piece of equipment to guarantee a certain reward after you have killed a specific number of monsters.

There is also a massive update for Melee Combat which removes the clunky nature and core issues. Players will be able to cancel attack animations to provide a more responsive feel. Movement skills also activate instantly and low-level movement skills are included too. Players of any class will find some pretty nifty dodge movements. Melee attacks will hit more than one enemy at a time and support for animation chaining has been added. This update is an end-to-end rebalance of all melee abilities.

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