Season 3 of Rocket League takes F1 and NASCAR to the arena

Season 3 (actually the 17th season, but the third since the game went free-to-play) of Rocket League begins on April 7. Psyonix will bring in Formula One and NASCAR as licensing partners in May, with cars built to fit the redesigned stadium that players will receive a week from Wednesday.

The Season 3 Rocket Pass will include a new ride, Tyranno, which is a muscle car chassis with the Dominus hitbox (as many vehicles in Rocket League do). Psyonix has promised a full unveiling of the Season 3 pass next week.

The new venue is a renovated DFH Stadium, dubbed DFH Stadium (Circuit), with a track and “all the pageantry contained trackside during a championship Sunday.” DFH Stadium (Circuit) can be found in the casual and competitive playlists, and it will be available for private matches and Freeplay once Season 3 begins.

Rocket League will be ready for Season 3 after a game update on Tuesday, April 6 at 4 p.m. PDT; Season 2’s competitive rewards will be granted immediately after Season 3 goes live, and the new Competitive Season and its rewards will begin at the same time.

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