Selling turnips may be a simple way of creating bells in Animal Crossing

Selling turnips isn’t the sole way of creating money within the game, except for sure is one among the simplest ways of doing so. Turnips operate within the game on a weekly cycle. The players can buy them every Sunday from a boar named Daisy Mae. She sells these turnips from 5 AM to 12 PM.
Mae sells them in bundles of 10 and therefore the price varies hebdomadally, counting on her mood you’ll say. But the worth usually varies from 90 to 110 Animal Crossing Bells per turnip. The players are liberal to purchase as many bells from her as long as she’s on their island. the sole condition is that the players got to have enough bells to get them.
These turnips rot and become worthless if they aren’t sold before the subsequent Sunday. Players can store these turnips in their house storage or can store them outside. Easier said than done.
The players will get to fence these turnips otherwise the opposite villagers can easily pick them up.
When should the players sell these turnips?
Timmy and Tommy purchase turnips from the players a day except for Sundays. Anything above 200 bells for one turnip may be a decent price. during a pleasant week, these turnips might sell for 300 to 400 apiece. On the flip side, you would possibly need to sell them for an inexpensive price during a dreadful week.
The players got to twiddling my thumbs. Timmy and Tommy change their prices twice daily. Once within the morning than within the afternoon. The players can maintain a record of costs to ascertain a recurring pattern before they sell the turnips.
Don’t panic if your turnips rot
Even if you don’t get enough bells from Timmy and Tommy, the players can always sell turnips on other people’s islands. Several players are currently a neighborhood of the stalk market. it’s possible that they could offer you a far better deal than Timmy and Tommy.
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