Some decent tips for NHL 21 beginners learning how to defense

Playing strong defense in NHL 21 takes quite just knowing the controls — it also requires you to be attentive, watch the opposition carefully, position yourself well, and make smart decisions.
Positioning, positioning, positioning
Let’s start with this important tip that each NHL player should know: positioning matters. It’s important to form sure that your defensemen are back and prepared to form a play, which your forwards are around the opposing team’s defenders and locking down the perimeter. Also, it’s probably knowing to confirm that when backchecking and getting into your own zone when the opponent has the puck, you’re taking control of 1 of your forwards. this may make sure that you’ve got a 3rd man back which you avoid some treacherous 3-on-2 situations.
Poke check or stick lift
There are two other ways you’ll take the puck off of the opposing team without laying an enormous hit: poke checks and stick lifts. However, you would possibly be wondering on once you should use either within the game. Generally speaking, it’s best to utilize a check once you are either ahead of the puck or once you face an opposing forward. Stick lifts, on the opposite hand, generally work better once you are directly behind a player (i.e. you’re facing toward the opposing player’s back).
Don’t always choose the body check
Should it really surprise you that some players want to hit their opponents the maximum amount possible? No, it shouldn’t, but let’s get something straight about body checking: use it as sparingly as you’ll.
Be careful about pinching
Let’s move far away from the defensive zone for a second and mention offense. What you are doing within the offensive zone can affect you defensively, particularly when it involves pinching. Pinching is when a defenseman moves out of the position and up the ice, and this might be either to increase puck possession or to strip the puck off of the carrier.
How do you have to play the odd-man rush?
But let’s say you’re facing an odd-man rush, like a 2-on-1. How do you have to handle this? Let’s take a glance at this hypothetical 2-on-1 odd-man rush since those are the foremost common. First off, it’s important to stay poised and calm once you face an odd-man rush. the simplest chance you’ve got to prevent an odd-man rush is to play the skater that’s not the puck carrier. More often than not, players will attempt a cross-ice pass to urge the goalie to move, so playing the non-puck carrier can shut that option down and force the puck carrier to shot.
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