What can we expect for Path of Exile 2

The Path of Exile community has recently expressed frustration with GGG’s treatment of “Harvest-crafting” in the initial Path of Exile. Harvest was essentially a previous League that addressed one of the long-standing complaints from gamers—namely, how players should design items—sparking a lot of debate when the nerf announcement came.

This is important because, in order to be competitive in its niche, Path of Exile 2 must-have deterministic crafting methods. Of course, crafting shouldn’t become too easy, making strong, game-breaking items too available to the general public. Rather, Path of Exile 2 should maintain the game’s complexity while also building on its foundations and expanding on the possibilities that expert crafters desire.

The promised new Path of Exile 2 footage will allow fans to see how the game is progressing while also hinting at what’s to come in the future. There are nineteen brand-new Ascendancy groups for the base collection of Exiles that will be available to choose from while making a fresh start, among the improvements that have already been confirmed. Another significant improvement is the game’s engine, which has been fully reworked and improved, allowing for improved graphic quality and – most likely – improved game output stability.

Finally, GGG announced that it would dramatically alter the way sockets operate today. They are currently item-dependent and color-specific. This will change in Path of Exile 2, as sockets will be Skill-Gem-specific, allowing players to experiment with a wider range of builds.

The Livestream announcement is likely to show some exciting new features, adding to what we already know about the upcoming new game. Potential improvements to the current Path of Exile trading system, guild system, the PvP system, and group play would almost certainly not make it into the stream. These are all topics that plagued the original Path of Exile, and the group has been outspoken about them for years, indicating that they will be addressed in the sequel. GGG will undoubtedly resolve these issues when they start their next venture, although no official announcement has been made on the subject as of yet.

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