What kind of items have most valuable in Rocket League

It’s still one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world, even though Rocket League was released years ago. It is also regarded as the world’s most popular game with an item trading economy, as millions of players enter the marketplace where they purchase products from the Rocket League and sell those they don’t need.

The huge marketplace has exceeded all expectations, and the free Epic Games Store giveaway has only helped boost the community’s growth. While some players are working on their talents, others only want to impress with costly skins on everyone. Stay with us, and we’ll go through the most popular and expensive skins that the Rocket League has to offer.

Gold Rush-900k

Over a dozen skins cost over $3,000 in the Rocket League, but there is one unique skin that still holds the top position. As it’s better known, the Apha Reward Gold Rush, or Alpha Boost, is the most expensive skin in the game by far.

For somewhere between 700k and 1m credits, the skin goes. If you think $1 gives you 120 Rocket League Credits, then the math places the price well above $5,000. That’s just the average price, though. In order to get this skin, some players paid over $10,000 in credits, which is a ridiculous amount of money to dish out for a virtual in-game item. But why are players able to spend a great deal of hard-earned cash on a single skin? Let’s look a little closer.

Why is it so expensive?

One of the key reasons that the Gold Rush is so expensive is because it’s very rare. There was no way for new players to win Alpha skins or other things until the game was officially launched. This skin is still used by many pro players to display their commitment and passion for the game. As the game entered the Beta phase, the last Alpha skin awarded to a player happened in July of 2015. A special Gold Nugget antenna, which is not nearly as rare as the Gold Rush skin, was also awarded to beta testers.

Honorable mentions

There are, of course, other incredibly costly and common skins from the Rocket League used by pro players around the world. There are a couple of honorable mentions here

1. Gold Stone

A part of the Alpha skin range is also Gold Stone, and it’s just a set of golden rims you can mount to your favorite car. It is very rare, too, because it has only been distributed to Alpha testers. The skin is very common because to any car it adds the extra something. The value of the skin is between 100K and 400K credits, or between $770 and $3,000, depending on the platform you play on.

2. Gold Cap

Another incredibly common item given out as an Alpha reward on day 1 is the Gold Limit. Among pro players and Rocket League enthusiasts, it’s also very rare and highly common. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want their car to have a gold cap on top? The skin costs between 100k and 200k credits, approximately adding up to $1500, depending on the platform.

3. White Apex titanium

After Gold Stone, the next best and most costly set of wheels belongs to Titanium White Pinnacle. It’s a wheel package that looks like a Gray Apex, except it’s a little lighter. It is commonly used by pro players as a status symbol. They have a steady price between credits of 80k and 120k, which translates to $650 to $1000.


Rocket League is a very exciting and enjoyable game that you can play with friends and family online or locally. The game is still played every day by tens of millions of players. So if you have a few skins that you don’t need, you might be able to visit one of the many markets and sell them for real money.

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