What You Can Expect From Path of Exile Delirium

Path of Exile Delirium, which was launched on March 13 on PC and the following week on Xbox One and PS4, is the first expansion for Path of Exile in 2020. In the latest expansion, players will have the opportunity to take on endgame content through a range of difficulties and add to the already massive skill tree with the use of a special Cluster Jewel.

How Does Delirium Work in Path of Exile?
In the Delirium league, each area contains a Mirror of Delirium. When players pass through the mirror, it creates a fog of Delirium that spawns new enemies and makes existing enemies tougher. The fog will continue to spread out, and the deeper players venture out, the stronger enemies get. Defeating enemies in the fog adds extra rewards, and enemies within the Delirium can drop Delirium Orbs, which add a layer of Delirium to the entire map, and splinters that combine into a gateway to the Simulacrum. Enemies in the Delirium can also drop Cluster Jewels, which are socketed in the outermost sockets in the passive skill tree to create an entire cluster of passive skills and can be modified to grant different passive skills.

New Cluster Jewel System, Skills and Items
This March expansion contains the Delirium challenge league, the new Cluster Jewel system, new skills and support gems, powerful new items and further improvements to the Atlas endgame. Cluster Jewels are added to the expansion. Cluster Jewels are new skill tree nodes that players can use to customize their Exile. Players can earn these Cluster Jewels during the Delirium League, and attach them to a jewel socket at the edge of Path of Exile’s Passive Skill Tree.

Delirium will also introduce a total of four new Skills games and three new Support Gems. For example, Blade Blast will allow players to strategically detonate blades that have been left behind by Ethereal Knives, Blade Vortex, and Bladefall. Stormbind will place storm runes along the ground that spread as long as a player channels, which can also be detonated when desired for major damage.

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