When Shall We Expect to Meet Path of Exile 2?

Since Path of Exile 2 was revealed on GGG’s first-ever fan convention ExileCon in November last year, it has been 6 months. However, we still have not known when it will be released. All the information we get from the internet is that it will come out in late 2020. Before the launch of the Path of Exile 2, we will tell you something about the long-waited Path of Exile 2.

According to the developer GGG, Path of Exile 2 is a new seven-act storyline that is available alongside the original Path of Exile 1 campaign. “Both the old and new storyline lead to the same shared Atlas endgame. Path of Exile 2 retains all expansion content that has been created over the last six years and introduces a new skill system, ascendancy classes, engine improvements and more.”

Some players say Path of Exile 2 isn’t a new game and it seems more like an expansion. However, it actually brings a number of changes and improvements to the base game, including changes to the Passive Skill Tree and an overhaul of many of the game’s core systems. First of all, it introduces characters that are a new set of Exiles who fall into the same class archetypes as those in the original game. Players are allowed to pick from a set of 19 new Ascendancy Classes that differ from the old ones that are still available in the Path of Exile 1 campaign. Besides, a “rework of the mechanics of each of the game’s seven character classes” and a “major visual rework with physics-based rendering” has been added in the game.

Even though there is no release date for Path of Exile 2 yet, it will be definitely a hit with its large fan base in Path of Exile 1. The developer says it is “unlikely to start a Beta until at least very late 2020”, but in the meantime, the team says it is “continuing to release Path of Exile expansions on a regular three-month cycle”. Moreover, any content about Path of Exile 2 will be available across both the Path of Exile 1 and Path of Exile 2 campaigns.

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