Without underrated and overrated players issues,  Madden 21 should be fairer

For Madden 21 gamers, the player ratings are also very appealing, in addition to concentrating on the game itself. In Madden 21, the player scores are between 1-99. The greater the average ranking, the better the player is going to be. In general, 70 OVR is very average, 80 OVR is above the average range, and 90 OVR is considered to be an exceptional player. The founders of the 99 Club are the NFL elite, as we all know. The new members are: Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, Stephon Gilmore, and Patrick Mahomes.
Players Overrated
J.J. Watt (DE) – 95 OVR
The fact that JJ Watt is an outstanding player is undeniable, but his peak time has passed. He didn’t bring up strong numbers in 2020. He finished 56th in total sacks in the NFL season with 5. But there are still a lot of players who struggle to hit their average standard with better sack numbers than him.
Michael Thomas (WR) – 94 OVR
Thomas has been considered the best receiver over the past few years, but his success does not seem to be adequate in the 2020-21 season. Over the past season, he has only played 7 games, and his numbers are mediocre. WR is ranked lower than Terry McLaurin, but in the past season, Terry had impressive numbers.
Nick Chubb (RB) – 96 OVR
Chubb joined the 20-21 season the year before as the second rusher but finished the game in seventh lead rusher after the end of last season.
Throughout the season, Derrick Henry had a rush for more than 2000 yards, but even so, his ranking is still lower than Chubb, so it seems Chubb should get a lower rating.
Christian McCaffrey (RB) – 98 OVR 
McCaffrey has been dealing with injuries all year, but his success was the same as before when he actually played. But he doesn’t seem to be the highest-ranked running back, considering that he didn’t play a lot of games this season.
Underrated players
Aaron Rodgers (QB) – 95 OVR
It is unbelievable that this exceptional QB failed to join the 99 Club. Rodgers had a seasonal statistical miracle that led the Packers to the NFC Championship. His personal success is also very eye-catching, throwing only 5 interceptions for more than 4200 yards with 48 TDs, this can be said to be unstoppable, but so far, EA has still not let him join the puzzling 99 Team.
Deshaun Watson (QB) – 90 OVR
Throughout the season, Watson provided the NFL’s best numbers with the coaching carousel, but it is also one of the NFL’s worst supporting casts.
He nevertheless threw more than 4800 meters and completed 33 TDs, despite his weak offensive line and dysfunctional receiving lineup. So, 90 OVR is too poor for him, really.
Logan Thomas (TE) – 77 OVR
For the Washington football team, Thomas is the right-hand guy, a consistent target for four different quarterbacks. He managed to catch 72 passes for 670 yards. His overall rating was, however, just 77. This is clearly not fair compared to Mike Gesicki, who only had 53 receptions and hit 85 OVR.
For those players whose ratings are underestimated and overrated, this is what we worked out. If EA were willing to change their scores accordingly, Madden 21 should be made fairer.
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